Youtube Videos

In addition to writing blogs, I enjoy creating video blogs on youtube.
So far, I have created the following videos:

PCF 2.4 feature- Service Instance Sharing in PCF

This video explains the new feature of PCF 2.3 and 2.4 which allows you to share the PCF marketplace service instance across multiple Orgs/Spaces.

Running Batch Application in PCF

In this video, we will see how to build a Spring Batch or Spring Cloud Task application and run it on PCF either manually or through PCF Scheduler.

AWS Step Functions Lesson Learned

This video talks about what is Step Functions, what are the Benefits, limitation and Best practices around it.

This video talks about - 1. Basics of Serverless Application 2. How AWS Lambda can be used to build Serverless applications. 3. Common Problems developer face while designing Lambda 4. What are the best practices you can follow to mitigate common problems

AWS Lambda Destinations vs Step Functions

This video talks through what is Lambda Destinations feature introduced in AWS 2019 reinvent and how it can replace some of the workloads being served by step functions.

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